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Sound Therapy

Natural energy medicine taps into the frequency of the universe to promote self-healing. One of the newest forms of energy medicine is Sound Therapy, which uses low frequency sound and vibration to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms.

How Does Sound Therapy Work?

There are several variations of Sound Therapy; however, one of the newest is BioWaves Sound Therapy. In this methodology, the waveform pattern of the patient’s voice is analyzed, because the voice is believed to be the window to the systems of the human body. Each person’s voice pattern is unique, so the voice analysis map that is recorded and analyzed with a special computer software package is an indication of the physical and emotional problems that each patient is experiencing, as well as any nutritional imbalances that need to be corrected.

The voice waveform pattern is then compared to the frequencies that have been pre-determined for vitamins, minerals, drugs and toxins. The patient is then given headphones that are attached to a tone box that is similar in appearance to a “Walkman”. The tone box is programmed with as many as 12 tracks, and at least four of the frequencies on each track are designed to correspond to the frequencies needed to promote healing. Certain low frequency waveforms activate vitamins, minerals and amino acids, while others detoxify the body.

How Did Sound Therapy Originate?

Sound Therapy is based on the research of Dr. Hans Jenny, a Swiss physician and scientist. His 1967 book, Cymatics – The Structure and Dynamics of Waves and Vibrations, formed the foundation of the methodologies used in modern Sound Therapy. In his book Dr. Jenny illustrated what happened when materials like sand, iron filings, water, etc., were positioned on vibrating metal plates. The materials created patterns of shapes, some of which were neat and orderly, and some that were in a chaotic, perpetual motion.

In addition to his book, Dr. Jenny invented an instrument called a tonoscope, which used crystal oscillators that caused the metal plates to move. The tonoscope allowed him to control the rate of vibration. The tonoscope could also make the human voice visible without the need for any other equipment. It created a physical image of each vowel or tone produced by the human voice.

Dr. Jenny observed that there were similarities between the shapes and patterns in physical reality and the shapes and patterns he generated. This led to his conclusion that biological evolution was caused by vibrations. Dr. Jenny also concluded that the key to understanding how the body can heal itself lies in the understanding of how different frequencies impact physical reality.

This You Tube video explains the principles behind cymatics.

Is There Clinical Research to Support the Validity of This Kind of Therapy?

Here is what the American Cancer Society says:

“Practitioners of cymatic therapy believe that sound waves can rearrange molecules in the body. Although the sound waves do not directly heal, proponents say that the waves promote a healing environment for the body’s cells. Available scientific evidence does not support this claim.”

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