NCAA Clears $1 Billion In Revenue In Just One Year

The money that flows through college sports has been worth billions for quite some time. For the first time though, the NCAA has declared itself to be a billion-dollar-per-year organization in its own right. Although “the NCAA” can refer to a central organization based in Indianapolis, schools, or conferences, in this case, it refers to the central organization that enforces the rules and runs the popular men’s basketball tournament that takes place in March every year.

Television & Marketing

A financial statement for the 2017 fiscal year shows that the NCAA reported $1.045 billion in total revenue. The organization made $817,517,801 from marketing and rights fees for their men’s basketball tournament. Most of this revenue came from Turner, which signed a contract with the NCAA worth $10.8 billion over 14 years. The deal would allow Turner to put the tournament on television. The contract also added another eight years and $8.8 billion which will enable the NCAA to eventually clear the $1 billion mark for the tournament alone.

Although the NCAA makes money off the championships for the women’s basketball tournament and other college sports broadcasted on ESPN, none of them come close to the value of the 68-team men’s basketball tournament.

Championships & NIT Tournaments

Tickets, parking, concessions, merchandise, and all the other non-TV and marketing revenue that goes to the NCAA accounted for $128,113,594 of its billion dollar revenue. People who go to live games are significantly less valuable to the NCAA than the people who stay home to watch the games on television.

Net Investment Income

Much like other wealthy entities in the United States, the NCAA is in the stock market and invests in debt and equity securities, mutual funds and “U.S. government obligations that have a maturity of more than three months.” Their net investment income is valued at $47,129,872.

Other Gains

The NCAA’s statement shows that it sold its 68% stake in ArbiterSports, a “game management solutions” provider that helps teams and conferences with the process of “paying all participants.” The sale was worth $25.3 million.

Sales & Services

Not including ArtiberSports, smaller, non-TV sells made the NCAA $19,958,458 last year.

Contributions, Facilities, & Net

The NCAA operates out of a big complex in Indianapolis and got a lucrative deal to set up shop there. Because of the NCAA’s various properties and office-space deals, the organization made $6,738,688 in 2017.

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